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YES Engineering specializes in systems engineering, development, and testing of high-performance electronic systems. As a strategic partner in development services for our customers in the automotive, automation, and information technology industries


As a strategic partner in development services for our customers in the automotive, automation, and information technology industries, we work on the latest high-performance engineering products and solutions. YES engineering is a subsidiary of the German parent company DMC engineering. Customers of DMC Engineering and its fields of activity give us the opportunity to actively participate in varied and demanding technical projects. Many serial products highlight the success stories we write with our customers. We operate all over the world and have a good network in different markets and countries.

Technology Leadership

We use our competence and knowledge to design unique and technologically unbeatable products.


We operate worldwide and support our customers where they can fully develop their growth potential.

Future Viability

We know where we come from and where we want to go. Sustainability and efficient management are the focus of our strategy.


For us, diversity is a lived reality and not a reaction to the zeitgeist. It is a mandatory requirement for a lively, creative work environment.


We are aware of our corporate responsibility towards people, society and nature.

Custumer Focus

We are not afraid to go unusual ways, our customer satisfaction is the basis for our success.

Complete Back-End & Front-End Web Development

Work with our experts to implement the newest, cutting-edge technologies into your business and kick-start your growth. We focus on the newest technologies and frameworks, trends, data analysis and research to bring you optimal results.

Testing & Validation

As an optimal supplement to our services in the field of electrics/electronics and software development, we offer our customers a comprehensive range of services for everything to do with testing and trials. With well-founded know-how and many years of experience in the field of product and system integration, we are the ideal partner for you to achieve the best quality. In our test laboratory, we offer extensive options for qualifying products from the automotive, power electronics, IT components and automation sectors. With our portfolio we cover both electronic and mechanical scopes. You get everything from a single source – starting with the conception, test part control, implementation of the test, error analysis through to documentation and approval recommendations. Our goal is to meet the highest quality standards and to achieve a high level of product reliability and safety. You always have to keep the economy in focus.

infotainment Testing
Testing of control units

Environmental simulation and design verification, Functional testing at ECU level, Functional testing at system level and more...

negotiable pricing and scalable solution

We provides complex data annotation services for companies in the Autonomous Vehicles

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) Annotation

Working with well-known clients, YES Engineering specializes in providing high quality, high accuracy image annotation services. For ADAS data labeling, we have a team of well-trained and experienced annotators creating accurately labeled data for testing and training of computer vision based ADAS systems at negotiable prices and a scalable solution to meet your flexible needs.

3D LiDAR Bounding Boxes
2D Bounding Boxes
2D & 3D Semantic Segmentation
2D Polyline Annotation